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Experience the thrill of skiing at Mount Lemmon Ski Valley, the furthest southern ski spot in the contiguous United States. Nestled in the scenic Santa Catalina Mountains of Arizona, just a short drive north from Tucson, this wintery wonderland forms part of the Coronado National Forest. The ski area, set around the picturesque village of Summerhaven, is sited at a summit reaching 9,157 feet (2,791 m) in elevation, benefitting from a generous annual snowfall of around 180 inches (4.6 m).

Mount Lemmon is well-known for its frequent winter storms, gracing the landscape with untouched blankets of powder snow. You can typically enjoy the ski season here from mid-December to April. The climate at Mount Lemmon Ski Valley is comfortably mild, with temperatures fluctuating between 20 and 50 °F (−7 to 10 °C), making it a perfect spot for skiing with just a sweater and jeans on.

The terrain at Ski Valley, devoid of grooming, offers an exciting challenge even to experienced skiers. Accessibility to this captivating ski area is possible through the Catalina Highway, albeit with limited parking spaces. Please note, Ski Valley might be closed on certain weekdays, even during the snowy season, and the specific days of closure vary.

Post heavy snowfalls, the highway might be temporarily closed until the snowplows have cleared the route. Remarkably, on April 12, 1973, Mount Lemmon Ski Valley witnessed an all-time record snowfall of 26 inches. During extreme weather conditions, travel restrictions may apply, limiting the access to vehicles equipped with chains or possessing four-wheel-drive capabilities above certain altitudes.

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