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Situated northeast of Tucson and southeast of Oracle, this is an engaging, less frequented off-road route leading to the much-visited Mt. Lemmon. Driving from the bustling south side via the Catalina Highway is common. The route provides a camping opportunity at the Coronado National Forest's Peppersauce Campground. Despite being a well-kept dirt road, it can be pretty bumpy. A low gear range can be beneficial for tackling the final miles ascending the rear of Mt. Lemmon. For dry weather conditions, a two-wheel drive with high clearance is sufficient. Be aware of possible snow and ice near the summit in late fall, and it's advisable to steer clear during winter.

Directions to the Trail

Head north on Oracle Road (Hwy 77) from Tucson. Stay on Hwy 77 all the way to Oracle. Turn right on American Avenue, just past mile marker 100. Bear right on Mt. Lemmon Road after 2.4 miles. Turn right after another 3.2 miles, where the road turns to dirt. This is called the Mt. Lemmon Control Road.

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